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Education is an integral component of our mission and ministries. It is one of the primary objectives of the Catholic Campaign for Immigration Reform Justice for Immigrants program, which our office has been implementing since 2005 in the Archdiocese.

Converting Minds and Hearts

We educate the public, especially the Catholic community, including public officials, about Church teaching on migration and immigrants. The goal is to transform minds and hearts so people will come to respect the dignity of the immigrant person (as indicated in Catholic social teaching), and to recognize the many benefits of immigration to the local community including immigrants’ significant contributions to society across many generations. Our hope is that everyone will recognize and support immigrants as their brothers and sisters in the one family of God.

Raising Awareness and Understanding

We also raise the community’s awareness and understanding of the immigration issue; from the causes, effects, and realities of migration and the broken immigration system – such as our undocumented brothers and sisters' struggles in our country – to the necessity for and core principles of comprehensive immigration reform as outlined by the U.S. Catholic bishops.

Facilitating the Educational Process

•In Non-immigrant Parish Communities

An important means to accomplish our education mission is to create and facilitate opportunities and resources for education and dialogue in non-immigrant parish congregations, so they come to better understand the plight of immigrants and what the Church has to say on immigration issues. We engage our various networks in this wide-ranging effort (click on the links for information):

-Immigration Parish Coordinators (in non-immigrant parish communities)

-Priests for Justice for Immigrants

-Sisters and Brothers of Immigrants

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Youth and Young Adult Education

We have started a new program aimed at educating the next generation about the issue of immigration in order to foster a more understanding future. The program offers a variety of education opportunities that can be combined to make a unique immersion for your youth or young adult group. For more information click here.

•In Immigrant Parish Communities

We also facilitate Hispanic and Polish immigrant lay leaders in educating local parish immigrant communities to protect their civil rights, keep their families together, and help them successfully integrate into their local community and society. We do so through our two immigrant leadership ministries that design and organize information, resources and workshops at parishes on various immigration issues (click on the links for information):

-Pastoral Migratoria

-Polish Immigrant-to-Immigrant Ministry

2013 Accomplishments

"The Church has to encourage each people to build in its homeland a house of brothers and sisters where all have a dwelling for living and coexisting with dignity. This vocation requires the joy of wanting to be and forging a nation, an evocative historic project of shared life. The Church must educate and lead ever more toward reconciliation with God and with one’s brothers and sisters. What is required is addition not division." ~Aparecida