Who We Are

Since 2005, Priests for Justice for Immigrants (PJI) is a coalition of 200 immigrant and native-born priesPJI Web Photots, representing over 150 parishes of the Archdiocese of Chicago (Cook and Lake Counties) and members of religious communities who have stood in solidarity with immigrants and engaged in education, pastoral care and legislative advocacy .

We work in close collaboration with the Office for Immigrant Affairs and Immigration Education and its various networks to promote immigration reform in accord with the principles set forth by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops through the Catholic Campaign for Immigration Reform.



Compelled by our conviction of faith and a respect for the dignity and sanctity of every human life, the Priests  for Justice for Immigrants continues to influence the public conversation regarding immigration policy and to promote the basic human rights and well-being of immigrants and their families living in our communities.

What We Do



We promote the passage of a compassionate, comprehensive immigration reform that respects the basic human dignity, fundamental rights, and contributions of undocumented workers as well as responds to their unlawful entry into the United States.  Click here for more information.


We build learning in communities to transform people's minds and hearts. As teachers and co-learners, we engage parish leaders and parishioners. We raise awareness of our undocumented brothers and sisters' struggles and their contributions to Church and society. In particular, we offer services or provide resources for preaching, theological reflection, speaking engagements, parish-focused liturgical activities, and urban/border experiential learning trips. Click here for more information.

Accompaniment/Pastoral Support

fr. graf accompaniment

We accompany the thousands of undocumented immigrants as they face discrimination and abuse by employers, unscrupulous lawyers, and the horror of separation from their wives, husbands and children. Click here for more information.


We assist and advise the development and facilitation of formation curriculum and reflection sessions related to the Immigrant-to-Immigrant Ministry (e.g. Pastoral Migratoria) that integrate Catholic social teaching, faith sharing, and Scriptural reflection.


We also provide and support multi-media messaging for activities and events involving the Priests for Justice for Immigrants in order to maximize awareness through media.

Monthly Meetings

All priests are invited to attend meetings of the Priests for Justice for Immigrants that take place the 3rd Monday of each month. For more information contact the Office for Immigrant Affairs at 312-534-8105.


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More Information

For more information on the Priests for Justice for Immigrants, including how to join, see our brochure or contact Fr. Larry Dowling, PJI moderator at 773-522-305o or Elena Segura, director of the Office for Immigrant Affairs at 312-534-5333.

"May we raise our voices to encourage and uplift those immigrant sisters and brothers among us who, as of yet, have not been allowed to fully add their voices, their gifts, and talents to our society." ~Cardinal Francis George, April 2013