Elected officials are in office to represent their communities, to stand for them and advocate on behalf of their needs. For this to be truly effective communities need to come together and show what they want from their Congressional leaders. Petitions provide a medium to take an issue, such as Immigration Reform, and allow members of communities, parishes, or organizations to sign their names and show their support.

Petitions have long been used in the Archdiocese's campaign for Immigration Reform. Since 2005, we have been distributing and delivering postcards from the Justice for Immigrants campaign to Congressional leaders in the Archdiocese, including 200,000 postcards that were collected leading up to the 2007 legislation. In the last year, parishes have used petitions to engage their communities, especially during our "40-Days Plus of Prayer, Fasting and Action for Congress" campaign at the end of 2013.

Below we have prepared petitions that can be printed out and distributed. Also attached is the link to Justice for Immigrants' electronic postcard, that can be filled out quickly online.

"40-Days of Prayer, Fasting and Action" Petition [English]

Petition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform [English]

Justice for Immigrants Electronic Postcards [Click Here]

"No better way exists for attaining a truly human political life than by fostering an inner sense of justice, benevolence, and service for the common good..." ~Gaudium et Spes: The Church in the Modern World