Countdown to Vote!



Catholics Care. Catholics Vote.

"We need to participate for the common good. Sometimes we hear: a good Catholic is not interested in politics. This is not true: good Catholics immerse themselves in politics by offering the best of themselves so that the leader can govern." 9/16/13Pope Francis

Read Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship: A Call to Political Responsibility from the Catholic Bishops of the United States, which provides a framework for Catholics in the United States.

In November we have the privilege and responsibility of voting for President, and for state and local political offices. The U.S. Bishops are reminding us that we need to make these important choices through the heart of Jesus, through the eyes of faith and through the wisdom of our social justice teaching. As clergy we have a very important role to encourage our parishioners to vote through these lenses, especially as regards the sanctity and dignity of life at every stage of life.

This is why the Priests for Justice for Immigrants, in collaboration with the Sisters and Brothers of Immigrants and the Immigrant Ministry of the Office of Human Dignity & Solidarity, are providing you with the following items for your use during the month of October.

Although these resources are coming from our Immigration group, they can be used to highlight all of the life issues. We encourage you to utilize these resources at your liturgies and in your preaching. We encourage you to do voter registration at your church. We encourage you to get people to vote. And, because no candidate holds to all of the beliefs that we hold, we encourage you to challenge your congregation after the election to continue to promote issues that protect the dignity and sanctity of the unborn, the immigrant, the poor, the ex-offender, the pregnant woman unable to provide for the child she is carrying, the victim of domestic violence, the children not being provided an adequate education, the parents unable to find housing or provide health care for their families, and so many more.

Let us continue to hold each other and our congregations in prayer.

Thank you for your faithfulness and for calling others to Faithful Citizenship in the here and now, and to full citizenship one day in the kingdom of God!


Fr. Larry Dowling, Fr. Tom Cima, Fr. Don Nevins

Steering Committee for the Priests for Justice for Immigrants


As tax-exempt organizations, parishes and Catholic Church organizations are prohibited from participating in partisan political activities. However, there are some activities in which you can participate.

The Catholic Conference of Illinois has published a brochure, "Guidelines on Political Activities for Parishes and Catholic Church Organizations," which sets out some general guidelines to follow if you wish to participate in these activities. Read the brochure in Spanish and Polish.

You are also called to be responsible citizens, and to contribute fruitfully – as those who came before you did with such fortitude – to the life of the communities in which you live. I think in particular of the vibrant faith which so many of you possess, the deep sense of family life and all those other values which you have inherited. By contributing your gifts, you will not only find your place here, you will help to renew society from within. Do not forget what took place here over two centuries ago. Do not forget that Declaration which proclaimed that all men and women are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights and that governments exist in order to protect and defend those rights.Pope Francis in Philadelphia